Ireland Biking Weekend

This last weekend was quite an adventure, I got Friday and Monday off from work in order to ride over to South West Ireland with some friends.  Some of the guys met up on Thursday to ride to Wales which is where the first drama occurred when a silly lady decided to turn right, from the left lane of a roundabout, knocking Mike off his bike!  So, after separating his shoulder, he was in no condition to carry on the ride.

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Last weekend I went along with Lee to Warwickshire to take part in the latest i series LAN, i37.  iSeries are LAN’s run 3 times a year for 2,000 gamers in a huge hall.

2,000 gamers at i37
2,000 gamers at i37

We arrived on Thursday just afternoon and got the drinks in.  This went on until we finally decided to join the queue to check in at around 8pm.  It was a fairly large queue and Lee was now rather drunk, but by 9:30pm we finally got our passes.

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Bike Upgrade

After over two years on my Honda Transalp I decided it was time for me to trade it in.  A leek had once again started in the right hand radiator, just 2 months outside of warranty.  This, along with a wearing clutch, rear pads and ball bearings meant I thought I should take out a Varadero for a test ride.

The 4th bike I've ever owned. A Honda Varadero XL1000V

The Varadero’s an even bigger bike, possibly the biggest on the market at around 270 kilo’s with a full tank.  This does mean it’s very comfortable for the larger gentleman such as myself.  The extra power from the 1,000cc engine also felt very nice, giving it around 92 bhp compared to my Transalp’s 57.

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Another Busy Bank Holiday Weekend!

This past Bank Holiday weekend was once again a busy one.  It started with our 34th Lanarchy event in Watford, but that didn’t start too smooth.  I flashed my Touch HD on Friday night, but it seemed bug riddled, so I flashed it once more in the morning to a more stable ROM.  Unfortunately the file server then stopped working and I couldn’t sync my contacts back on.  I set of to the venue, but no-one was there to let me in… and I had no numbers to call anyone…  Luckily, my car kit had some and I could call someone else to get the number I needed. Continue reading Another Busy Bank Holiday Weekend!

Changes At Work

I’ve been Fresh Foods manager for 7 years now at Marylebone High Street.  I’ve enjoyed pretty much all 7 of thoese, but it was getting time to move on.  I was asked to have an interview to be Fresh Foods manager at the new Islington store, so I went along a couple of weeks ago.  It went well, they offered me the position, as they did our Checkouts manager.  He accepted, I decided the better option was to stay at 236 and replace him on Checkouts. Continue reading Changes At Work

A Severe Weather Week

Well, it started on Sunday night during the Superbowl and by Monday morning it had apparently brought most of London to a halt… No buses would run and many tube lines only just got a limited service running by around 10am.

Luckily I wasn’t due in work until 2:30pm, so I had no problems riding the tube in and back afterwards.  By Tuesday morning a lot of things had got back to normal.  I carefully rode my bike in to work, buses were back and the tubes were running.

Thursday night saw more snow fall, but mainly in the midlands and only a small covering in Finchley.  They say this week has still been the worse (best?) for snow in the past 18 years though!

Superbowl XLIII

The Cardinals in the Superbowl for the first time, facing the amazing defence of the Steelers.  We had a few people round to watch the big match, playing some Madden and Wii Sports before hand with plenty of junk food and ordering Pizza to keep us going into the night.

I was worried one team might blow the other out, but it turned into one of the most fantastic Superbowls ever.  The Steelers built a lead on the back of a 100 yard TD return for a score at the end of the first half.  Warner and Fitzgerald brought them back into the game and into the lead with less than 3 minutes to go, but Rothlesburger and Santonio Holmes struck back with an amazing score in the corner of the endzone to take their 6th title.

Meanwhile, snow was falling as people headed home close to 4am in the morning.

MCN London Motorcycle Show

Having very much enjoyed the car show last summer, I was pleased to see there was a Motorcycle show at the ExCeL Centre this January.  Myself and a couple of collegues from work got ourselves some tickets and met up to have a look around.

It wasn’t quite on the same scale as the car show, but then I guess there are less bike manufacturers to exhibit that car companies.  This show took only the North side of the centre apart from the live action show which took place in the south section.

It was great to be able to have a sit on all the new bikes to see how they felt. I personally felt right at home on the Honda Varadero 1000cc, the big brother of the 125 bike I learnt on.  It seemed large enough for my body to fit on it nicely.

Before heading home I got myself a nice new Shoei helmet in matt black, with a fantastic Pinlock system to stop the visor fogging up.

A slightly hairy moment on the way home as I accelerated off a roundabout and the back wheel slid out on some dirt, but there was some nice weather for a nice ride home.