Merry Christmas!

IMG_0162.JPGAround 10am Christmas morning, me and Robert set off to Wyndhurst, near Wollerton, Shropshire. A nice easy journey meant we arrived just in time for Robert to make the Prawn Cocktail starters.  There were seven of us in all this year, me, Robert, Mum, Auntie Marg, Aunti Elaine, Uncle Normal and Sarah. It was probably for the best there were a couple less than usual as we were eating in the kitchen this year, with the dinning room full of mothers boxes while she finds a house in the area.

The meal was the usual great food and plenty of it, with a vast selection of desserts afterwards.

Following this we resigned to the living room for the present giving.  Me and Robert had shared the buying of books and DVD’s for everyone this year and as far as receiveing, as usual I was just after money to try and reduce my debts!

At this point we also tried our musical Christmas crackersIMG_0177.JPG.  Each cracker had a whistle with a number.  With the crackers came a song sheet, listing in what order the numbers should be blown. Auntie Elaine conducted as we tried to make something slightly resembling a Christmas tune.  We weren’t very successful, but it was rather amusing.

In the evening came the dissaster of Xmas 2009 Robert and Mum were taking Sarah home and my Stilo seemed to loose all electrical power.  Having turned the engine off with lots of warning lights on, at Sarah’s, it wouldn’t start again!  Me and Uncle Norman went to rescue them.

IMG_0183.JPGIn the morning we called the AA and headed back over to the car.  It wook over an hour, but the AA man arrived and got the car started with a jump start.  After a bit of jiggling it seemed to be consistently charging the battery, so off we went!

Next came the traditional trip to PC World.  The only thing I was interested in was a monitor that could use a DisplayPort, but PC World were not that advanced, so instead we decked mum out with equipement for her wireless network and to use SkyPe.

IMG_0192.JPGOn Sunday, the car started fine and off we went on our way to Rugby for a meal with Dad and Jayne.  Dad had chosen Frankie & Bennies as the destination, which was rather noisy with kids parties initially, but calmed down later.  The service and starters were great, but my fish and chips seemed a little over done.  Dad commented on how much better the fish and chips will be next year if he’s moved up to Hull by then.

After the meal, an easy enough drive down the M1 back to Finchley.

All in all a nice relaxing Christmas.  I still have a couple more days off before I must return to work.