Last weekend I went along with Lee to Warwickshire to take part in the latest i series LAN, i37.  iSeries are LAN’s run 3 times a year for 2,000 gamers in a huge hall.

2,000 gamers at i37
2,000 gamers at i37

We arrived on Thursday just afternoon and got the drinks in.  This went on until we finally decided to join the queue to check in at around 8pm.  It was a fairly large queue and Lee was now rather drunk, but by 9:30pm we finally got our passes.

The day was not over though, on booting my PC up I find that after logging in, I’m staring at a blank screen with a mouse cursor.  After Lee shouting ‘eSata, you naughty boty!’ several times, someone else helped and we got my PC working, but booting it without networking.

Saturday saw a little Left 4 Dead gaming going on, more drinking, some poker and in the evening a curry in Leamington Spa.  By Sunday morning we decided to head away a day early.  All in all, it was a fun experience but I prefer our smaller LAN’s.  As I have said in the past, in a hall with 2,000 I migth as well play online…