Happy Birthday Me!

So, they average life expectency of a man in the UK is somewhere into his 70’s.  Does this mean I’m now at the half way point?!?

Well, after the last few years where I’d tried to arrange something with my friends from work when nobody has any money… I decided this year to have a quieter afair.  On Saturday night there were two NFL games (Cardinals @ Saints and then Ravens @ Colts) in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs so I invited some friends over to watch them. In all there were seven of us (Rob, Pete, Paul (Chuck), Lee, Mark and other Rob) I’d stocked up on pizza, hot dogs, nacho’s and coke so there was plenty of junk food and we watched Reggie Bush dismantle the Cardinals Defence.  Lee, Mark and Rob headed off around 1am but the hardcore stayed to see the Colts smother the Ravens and progress into the Championship game next week.

IMAG0117.jpgOn Sunday I woke around 10:30am and it wasn’t long before I headed to Watford to meet up with Lee, Mark and Mike on our bikes.  After a quick stop at McDonalds for a bite to eat we set off to Southend.  We went a scenic route along the A414 in the sunshine taking around 1½ hour to get there.  Once there we wandered around the rides, stopped for some chips and coffee then messed about on the beach before setting off back on the more direct A127/M25 route home in the dark.IMAG0128.jpg

I arrived home at 5:45pm, just in time to watch the Vikings annihilate the Cowboys and then the Jets come back and upset the Chargers to set up some very interesting matches for next Sunday.

All in all, a very nice weeked.