Holiday of a Lifetime

20150828_120738-1Mum is a big Anne of Green Gables fan, so we’d planned to take her to Prince Edward Islands, birthplace of author LM Montgomery and where it was all set, for her 70th birthday.  Unfortunately buying a flat became a priority that year and it was decided we would postpone the big trip for a year.

Plans started early in 2015, we decided we would not only visit PEI but also Toronto and Boston.  Initial plans to hire a car and drive from PEI down to Boston proved expensive, crossing from Canada and leaving the car in Boston would cost us around £1,000 so we changed plans and decided a drive from Halifax to Charlottetown would be nice enough.

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Dad’s Wedding

Well I missed the first one, but me and Robert made it up to Hull for Dad’s second!

With it taking place on a Monday, to match Dad’s birthday, both me and Robert would need to take time off from work and this is where the first drama occured.  Robert had been told no-one could have time off in October and there was talk he might resign!  Luckily, they came to their senses and agreed he could have Monday and Tuesday off. Continue reading Dad’s Wedding

Merry Christmas!

IMG_0162.JPGAround 10am Christmas morning, me and Robert set off to Wyndhurst, near Wollerton, Shropshire. A nice easy journey meant we arrived just in time for Robert to make the Prawn Cocktail starters.  There were seven of us in all this year, me, Robert, Mum, Auntie Marg, Aunti Elaine, Uncle Normal and Sarah. It was probably for the best there were a couple less than usual as we were eating in the kitchen this year, with the dinning room full of mothers boxes while she finds a house in the area.

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