NFL Done For The Year

So it all began back in September and it seems like it’s flown past.  At week 13 we still had two undefeated teams and these two top seeded teams made it all the way to the most watched Superbowl (in fact, most watched TV show) of all time.

Once again the Redskins massively under achieved, with one of the easier schedules they’ve had they still struggled in games they should have won and finished the season 4-12.  The only good news is it meant Zorn was given the elbow and Mike Shanahan has been brought in to take over the ship with a nice high draft pick next year.

It didn’t go all that well in Fantasy Football for me either.  At 5-9-1 it’s probably the second worst season the Lemmings have had. Donovan McNabb and Thomas Jones scored well along with Larry Fitzgerald, but no-one else turned up to play this year.  Again, at least I get a nice high draft pick at #3, so hopefully I can get a stud Running Back.

So last week I hosted a Superbowl party last week, 8 of us got together, had a fantastic 15 min Quarters 8 man game which finished 60-59. To stay with the theme of the season, I was on the losing side…

Anyway, back to reality, the Superbowl was another great game.  The Colts jumped out to a 10 point lead in the first quarter, but the Saints fought back into it and despite failing on a 4th and goal on the Colts 1 yard line, they finished with a Field Goal to leave it 10-6 at the half.  The opening of the second half (which I missed on the phone to Mila!) was where the tide really turned.  The Saints came out with an onside kick, which bounced off Hank Basket of the Colts and was recovered by the Saints.  They then drove the length of the field and took the lead for the first time at 13-10.

The Colts drove straight back and got a Touchdown of their own before the Saints tacked on 3 more to leave it 17-16 to the Colts going in to the 4th Quarter.  In the final Quarter the Colts found themselves down by 24-17 after a 2 point conversion was given after review and Manning took over with 5 minutes to drive for the tying score.  Unfortunately for them, Manning and Wayne had an uncommon misfire which Tracey Porter jumped all over (as he did with Favre two weeks before) picked it and returned it 74 yards for a score.  At 3:12 to go, the game was effectively over and the Saints had their first Superbowl win!

That was a week ago now and how odd yesterday seemed as a Sunday without NFL action.  I’ll just have to make do with our Madden online franchise, yesterday I took a fantastic 24-17 win with a TD in the final seconds over one of the fancied teams, the Bears.