Bike Upgrade

After over two years on my Honda Transalp I decided it was time for me to trade it in.  A leek had once again started in the right hand radiator, just 2 months outside of warranty.  This, along with a wearing clutch, rear pads and ball bearings meant I thought I should take out a Varadero for a test ride.

The 4th bike I've ever owned. A Honda Varadero XL1000V

The Varadero’s an even bigger bike, possibly the biggest on the market at around 270 kilo’s with a full tank.  This does mean it’s very comfortable for the larger gentleman such as myself.  The extra power from the 1,000cc engine also felt very nice, giving it around 92 bhp compared to my Transalp’s 57.

With the bike only being 3 months old (an 09 plate) with just 1,600 miles on the clock I decided it was reasonably priced at £6,500.  They offered me £2,500 on my Transalp, knowing it had some maintenance issues, which I thought was a good price too along with a good deal on panniers so the deal was done.

I’ve now had it a week and love it.  Initially it felt big, heavy and bulky, but now I’m used to it I’m throwing it about like I did my Transalp.  Hopefully this summer me and a few freinds will do some touring, possibly through Ireland.