HTC Desire vs Nexus One

Earlier this year I upgraded my phone to a Nexus One.  Not my first Android device, but my first on a big screen.  I took the plunge as I was fairly confident there wouldn’t be any better hardware released in the next 6 to 10 months.  It wasn’t long until the HTC Desire was then released here in the UK.  The Desire is pretty much HTC’s version of the same devise that I have, but with a couple of changes.  They use their own Sense UI interface that I loved on the Hero and it has physical keys. Losing Sense UI was something that kept me with the Hero for a month after the Nexus One was released…

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Knee Operation

I think the problem with my knee started back when I was 20, playing for the Leicester Lemmings, I intercepted a ball and was running it back when I was tackled by someone swiping my foot, twisting it behind the other foot and I fell on my knee.  I played on at Quarterback, literally limping or hopping to play.  It swelled up like a football so I went to the doctor the next day.  They booked me in with a specialist who then booked me in for an MRI scan.  It was 9 months later that I had the scan and they then booked me back in to see the specialists.  In my stupidity, everything felt good by then and I was busy with work, so I cancelled. Continue reading Knee Operation

Snowdonia Trip

IMG_0266.JPGI just got back from another great trip on my bike with friends Lee Baker, Marie and Steve Page, Andy Chamberlain and Mike Simpson.  Steve planned the route, we were to spend most of Saturday making our way to the hotel, riding through a fair bit of South Wales.  The weather was amazing as we rode up, stopping every hour or so to stretch our legs or have a coffee or meal.  The scenery matched the weather with some amazing views and some fantastic roads for us to enjoy.

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Happy Birthday Me!

So, they average life expectency of a man in the UK is somewhere into his 70’s.  Does this mean I’m now at the half way point?!?

Well, after the last few years where I’d tried to arrange something with my friends from work when nobody has any money… I decided this year to have a quieter afair.  On Saturday night there were two NFL games (Cardinals @ Saints and then Ravens @ Colts) in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs so I invited some friends over to watch them. In all there were seven of us (Rob, Pete, Paul (Chuck), Lee, Mark and other Rob) I’d stocked up on pizza, hot dogs, nacho’s and coke so there was plenty of junk food and we watched Reggie Bush dismantle the Cardinals Defence.  Lee, Mark and Rob headed off around 1am but the hardcore stayed to see the Colts smother the Ravens and progress into the Championship game next week. Continue reading Happy Birthday Me!

White Christmas?

So the snow’s back  and as before London seems to slow down to a miserable pace.  We saw a little snow last Wednesday and Thursday, in fact I played some 5-a-side football for the first time in a couple of months in it (the knee held up pretty well) but it didn’t effect things too badly.  I was off Thursday, but took the bus to work on Friday, to be safe. Saturday and Sunday are okay for me to drive in, so I avoided public transport over the weekend.

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Another Busy Bank Holiday Weekend!

This past Bank Holiday weekend was once again a busy one.  It started with our 34th Lanarchy event in Watford, but that didn’t start too smooth.  I flashed my Touch HD on Friday night, but it seemed bug riddled, so I flashed it once more in the morning to a more stable ROM.  Unfortunately the file server then stopped working and I couldn’t sync my contacts back on.  I set of to the venue, but no-one was there to let me in… and I had no numbers to call anyone…  Luckily, my car kit had some and I could call someone else to get the number I needed. Continue reading Another Busy Bank Holiday Weekend!

A Severe Weather Week

Well, it started on Sunday night during the Superbowl and by Monday morning it had apparently brought most of London to a halt… No buses would run and many tube lines only just got a limited service running by around 10am.

Luckily I wasn’t due in work until 2:30pm, so I had no problems riding the tube in and back afterwards.  By Tuesday morning a lot of things had got back to normal.  I carefully rode my bike in to work, buses were back and the tubes were running.

Thursday night saw more snow fall, but mainly in the midlands and only a small covering in Finchley.  They say this week has still been the worse (best?) for snow in the past 18 years though!

Transport Troubles

Well, what a week…  It all began last Monday.  I was riding in to work at 2pm when I passed a motorcycle policeman who decided to pull me over.  He decided my bike was not fit to ride, the rear wheel was to worn and my chain was too loose.  The long and short of it, I had to call the AA to come and pick my bike up and take it back to Finchley.  The garage said they could look at in next Monday.  I got the tube back in to work, 3 hours late…

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