Another Busy Bank Holiday Weekend!

This past Bank Holiday weekend was once again a busy one.  It started with our 34th Lanarchy event in Watford, but that didn’t start too smooth.  I flashed my Touch HD on Friday night, but it seemed bug riddled, so I flashed it once more in the morning to a more stable ROM.  Unfortunately the file server then stopped working and I couldn’t sync my contacts back on.  I set of to the venue, but no-one was there to let me in… and I had no numbers to call anyone…  Luckily, my car kit had some and I could call someone else to get the number I needed.

Sharky and Faith even made it along!
Sharky and Faith even made it along!

Then to the event itself.  A week before the LAN we had 21 people signed up, but gradually people pulled out and 5 of them simply failed to show up on the day, which left us with just 11 people.  Still, it was nice to catch up with them all and a fun day was still had.

Sunday was Green Laning around St Albans area.  I missed out on this last year and so was looking forward to it very much.  Unfortunately I was to be dissappointed.  They didn’t have clothing big enough so I was very uncomfortable and I just couldn’t settle on the bike I was given.  After just 10 minutes I had to decide could I cope with this all day or should I quit while I still could.  I decided to give it a miss.

Instead I headed to see the Cheetahs beat Essex 13-0 in some glorious sunshine.  The next time they play I’ll be kitting up myself!