Goodbye Mila!

Mila’s been one of my best friends over the past year or two, but the time finally came for her to head back to Peru.  For one last week, me, her and Maria headed to Egypt for a week in the sun.

Not one for the sun and heat I thought it might be too hot for me, but at around 30 and 34oC it was okay, as long as I could jump in the pool when it all got too much.

We experienced a little of the local culture, but Sharm El SHaikh seemed like a peice of England dumped in the middle of the desert.  It was built purely for the tourists, everyone speaks English, everyone is there for tourism.

Unfortunately the local Vodka tasted terrible and imported (Smirnoff) was rather expensive.  In the club we found at Naama Bay we spent close to £75 just getting in and buying one round…  We didn’t drink much there!

We flew back late Sunday, Monday was more packing for Mila and then a few drinks at Maria’s before they headed off to the airport.

Mila, take care and stay in touch.