May Day, May Day!

As we have the previous 2 May Day Bank Holidays, Lanarchy attended the St Marks Church Hall Family Fun Day in Watford.  As usual we attracted all the young lads wanting to play computer games while their parents looked round the different stalls.

Although we don’t really have anything to gain from this, its nice for us to be able to give a little something back to the venue that has given a home to 30 or so LAN events.

While yesterday was a hot, but overcast day, today was sunny and bright along with the heat.  The shorts go on and the air conditioner came out!  As did the ghetto blaster while me and Nurcan headed into the garden to move the lawn and rip out weeds.  it took a couple of hours hard work, but it has started to take shape.  A few more hours and we should be ready for a summer BBQ/pool party!


Friday was so warm, I rode to work in my Summer gear. Yesterday morning it was a lovely bright day. In the evening it started to get colder and looked a bit muggy. I got woken up this morning to look at a snow covered back garden! In April! Just as I was thinking summer was on it’s way…

Then me and Robert set off for training, but didn’t get very far. A minute into the North Circular and we hit stationary traffic. We hardly moved for half an hour, so left at the approaching exit and made our way home again. TomTom said the Circular was closed at Neasdon and the FA Cup Semi Final at Wembley wont have helped.

Instead we headed to the gym, for a work out, then home for dinner and some relaxing before back to the grindstone tomorrow.

April Begins

So, yesterday was the first day of April and this weekend the clocks went forward, I guess summer is just round the corner?  Yeah, right…

Today’s been my day off after seven hard days work and it seems to have flown by.  I woke up thinking I’d get myself down the gym, but if I’m doing that I prefer to start before 10am so it’s not busy and before I knew it, it was 11am!

It’s been a funny day, I’ve not really stopped, but looking back I’m not sure what I’ve achieved?  I’ve not played any games, my ‘to do list’ has 9 items on it (like it has for the last week or so) I’ve not watched much TV or any films and now there’s only a few hours left…

Pictured is where I’ve spent most of my day though, pottering round the internet, editing some images (like my new banner image for this blog 🙂 ) and posting on forums.  Hows that for a fulfilling day!