Busy Bank Holiday Weekend

Having only just got back from my week off, I get another 4 days off for Easter!  Much of Friday was tidying the house and looking for someone for our spare room.  The real fun began on Saturday when everyone came over for CoF LAN 48.

10 of us in all, playing Far Cry 2, TF2, CSS, UT3, TM and iSketch to finish things off.  A great day had by all.

Today I’ve been to see the ‘Mustang Stampede’ a gathering to celebrate the 45th Birthday of the Ford Mustang.  The Mustang has to be my favourite car, I love the looks of it.  When I finally get round to changing my car, I think I’d like to try and get hold of one, if my finances permit me to.

There was a great display of new and old style Mustangs, soft top, hard top, black, red, yellow, orange, all sorts to see, all very shiney and well looked after.

One day…