Holiday of a Lifetime

20150828_120738-1Mum is a big Anne of Green Gables fan, so we’d planned to take her to Prince Edward Islands, birthplace of author LM Montgomery and where it was all set, for her 70th birthday.  Unfortunately buying a flat became a priority that year and it was decided we would postpone the big trip for a year.

Plans started early in 2015, we decided we would not only visit PEI but also Toronto and Boston.  Initial plans to hire a car and drive from PEI down to Boston proved expensive, crossing from Canada and leaving the car in Boston would cost us around £1,000 so we changed plans and decided a drive from Halifax to Charlottetown would be nice enough.

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Realising the Dream

Me and the Mustang on Malibu beach againI’ve always loved the look of the American Muscle car, in particular the Ford Mustang.  I’ve never really known much about cars, I never knew much about Mustangs other than I loved the look and sound of them.

When we holidayed in California and I saw the chance of renting one, I jumped at it.  (I now know that was a V6, the smaller engine of the options)


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Cord Cutting in the UK

cord-cutting-cableIf you Google a definition of ‘Cord Cutting’ you get –

the practice of cancelling or forgoing a pay television subscription or landline phone connection in favour of an alternative Internet-based or wireless service.

If you’re in touch with tech goings on in the world, you will likely have heard this being talked about, but mainly by Americans.

As we were moving house last summer, we thought we’d try and forgoe the massive £109 Virgin Media bill and see how we got on.

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Biker Down!

This summer has been rather a pleasant one, lots of warm dry days with bright sunshine, just the type of days you like to ride your bike in.

Recently I’ve not ridden as much, a 2 mile commute with the effort of getting all the gear on, riding for 5 minutes to then take it all off again didn’t appeal as much, but as I was working at Brent Cross an 8 mile commute was more worth while when the sun came out to play.

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Onto the Property Ladder

I moved out of home and down to London to begin life on my own in June of 1996.  I remember unpacking my car with the England v Germany Semi Final of the 1996 European Championships playing on my car stereo.

At that time I moved into a flat in Hurstwood Court, North Finchley, paying £230 rent a month for my double room on Woodhouse Road.

Petworth Avenue
Petworth Avenue

In my first 5 years in London, I had to move several times including , Holly Park, Grants Close (the one time I lived outside of Finchley, 10 months in Mill Hill), Petworth Avenue and Colman Court.

Dukes Avenue
Dukes Avenue

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Motocross Madness

A few years back, I’d put myself down for a day of green laning, organised through works motorcycle club. I really hadn’t enjoyed it, in fact I only started it and straight away gave them all their gear back and went home!

This year, me and two others from work had plumped for a day of Motocross in Winchester, again organised through work. I was a little nervous following my poor experience of motocross bikes years before, but knowing my experience was tainted by the organisation and equipment, more than the event itself, I thought I should give it a go again.

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Finally Fantasy Success

FFLUKI’ve been running the FFLUK (our imaginatively titled Fantasy Football League UK) for around 12 years now.  CBS have been keeping track of historical results since 2003, but I have some of my own records from the year 2000.



I’ve usually been quite competitive, I still hold some points scoring records from 2004 when I had Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens, Corey Dillon, Reuben Droughns and Mushin Mohammed all score double digits each week.  Up to last year though, I’d never won the big one. Continue reading Finally Fantasy Success