Joining the Orange!

Timehop recently pointed out to me that it was 3 years ago that I was waiting for my CB1000R in Metropolis Ducati Barnet and I fell in love with the 899 Panigale in pearlesant white!  At that point though, there was no real need to change my bike, I still loved my little Honda!

Through last year the bike seemed to develop a fault where it just couldn’t be relied upon to start.  There didn’t seem to be any pattern to it, cold, hot, left to stand, just been ridden.  It was hard for me to chose to use the bike if I wouldn’t be sure it would start again to come home!

This led me to decide I should move on and get a new bike.  With this in mind, I booked a test ride on my beloved Ducati 899…

Rather disappointingly, it didn’t ride like I’d hoped.  It didn’t have the torque that my little CB1000R has and the sportsbike riding position just doesn’t suit me.  So, it’s a gorgeous looking bike, but not for me.

That left me at a bit of a quandary.  What could be next?  Well, after a month or so I happoned upon the idea of the KTM 1290 Superduke R, which I recall watching the promo videos in wonder around 3 years back.  With that in mind I booked myself a test ride from The KTM Centre in Hemel.

A friend had pointed out a few days previous that a seller up in Scotland was offering £3k off a new 1290 SDR Special Edition, with free delivery, so I was very close to pulling the trigger.  Normal 1290’s are £14k new.  The Special Edition has better brakes, fancy carbon fibre, better exhaust and extra trim for an added £1k., but the discount brings it down to £12k.

Before I set out on my test ride from the KTM Centre, I asked them about this offer and to my delight they informed me they would be getting it in the next few days! Great! KTM have their new model coming out soon and obviously want to clear their old stock.  Would they take my bike as part ex?  Yes they would!  So, off I went for my ride!

This bike raises the bar!  With 180bhp from it’s 1.3L engine, it has torque by the bucket load!  Not only that, but it’s a comfortable ride and in my humble opinion looks amazing!  Decision made.  I need me one of these Beasts!

I had in my head if they would offer me £2,500 for my current bike, I would take it I think I’d even said I was hoping for around £3-3,500 for it.  I was delighted when I was offered £3,500!  Maybe I should have asked for more!

A little shuffle of finances and a short term loan and I was all set!  A week or so later I picked up my brand new KTM 1290 Superduke R Special Edition with just 2 miles on the clock!

I did have a small spil leaving work in the cold, damaged the exhuast and a couple of parts on the side, but that just allowed me to change up the exhaust!

4 months since buying it and I’ve just passed the 1,000 miles mark, but unfortunately it’s sprung a leak in the radiator, so is in the repair shop at the moment!