Cycling Indoors

I’ve really got into cycling over the last two years, but I’ve never been a big fan of cycling indoors, it just doesn’t hold the same appeal. No sun in your face, no views to take in, no coffee and cake stops and no exploring the nearby countryside.

Last week though, I upgraded my Turbo Trainer to a new Kickr with a Kickr Climb and I have to say, it’s made quite a difference to the riding experience.

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Patriots at Rams – Wembley 2012

For the sixth year, the NFL brought two teams over to Wembley to play a regular season game in London.  For the sixth year, I was there to see it, along with 84,003 others!

Although we’ve always tried to get good tickets, this year we had the best seats yet.  At the 50 yard line, around 20 rows back gave us a great view of every touchdown at either end of the field.

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Eating Better

I’ve always said I’m not the type to diet. As I’ve blogged before, I can get myself down the gym, but I love my chocolate and biscuits too much. In the past I’ve managed to do things like cut out the chocolate from works vending machine, but that’s about as far as it would go. I really don’t like veg, not a big fan of fruit, so it’s always been difficult to ‘diet’ for me.

Me at Ascot in June 2011

Around 3 weeks ago my weight got back up to 21 stone 5 lbs, pretty much where it was last summer just before I rejoined the gym.  I got all the way down to about 20st 8lbs before it started to slip.  Winter was hard, I found it almost impossible to get myself out of bed, when it was so cold, at 5 in the morning to get to the gym before work.

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Back In The Gym

It must be two or three years since I’ve regularly been working out in the gym.  I used to go quite often to Fitness First near Oxford Circus before work, but then things changed and we tended to start at 7am rather than 8am and there just wasn’t enough time to train any more.

Me in July 2010

Since then, my weight has gone up and up until recently I’ve peaked over 21st for the first time. Some of my belts are on their last whole!  It hasn’t helped that I’ve been limited in physical activity by my knee and back problems. Recently a colleague at work started going to a new Fitness First that opened on Baker Street, literally 5 minutes walk from work. As well as being so close, they also open at 6am, which would mean I could get to work for 7:30am if I had an early morning training session.

So, I’ve been down and signed up!  It’s £63 a month, even with corporate discount, but only for a 4 month contract, so I have time to see if it fits with my routine.  This way, if I just can’t keep it up for one reason or another, I can finish it after 4 months.  I paid £55 joining fee, but if I can go 20 times in the first 8 weeks then I get this refunded!

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NFL Done For The Year

So it all began back in September and it seems like it’s flown past.  At week 13 we still had two undefeated teams and these two top seeded teams made it all the way to the most watched Superbowl (in fact, most watched TV show) of all time.

Once again the Redskins massively under achieved, with one of the easier schedules they’ve had they still struggled in games they should have won and finished the season 4-12.  The only good news is it meant Zorn was given the elbow and Mike Shanahan has been brought in to take over the ship with a nice high draft pick next year.

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