Case Logic SLR Camera Case Holster Review

2013-02-15 10.03.39.JPGOne thing I want to get more into this year is my photography, so I was delighted when the good people at offered me this case to test. Obviously the camera, lens, tripod, flash and others are important, but if you don’t have the right camera bag for the job, you’re going to struggle.

I already have what I would describe as mid size bag (DSLR, a lens and flashgun) and large size bag (DSLR, 3 lenses, flashgun and more) but was on the lookout for a smaller, more mobile bag, possibly that I could use when on my motorbike.

The range at Lovecases is pretty thorough, so it wasn’t long before I found one that suited my needs, the Case Logic SLR Camera Case Holster.

IMG_6729.JPG IMG_6731.JPGIMG_6732.JPG

My Canon 600D fits snug inside, even with my 55-250mm zoom lens attached.

2013-02-09 12.02.26.jpg 2013-02-09 12.04.19.jpg2013-02-09 12.03.56.jpg

You would expect this though, so what sets this case aside?  I like the quality of the case, the stitching is all tight and neat, the fabrics feel very good, right down to the nice rubbery feel to the zip itself.

IMG_6736.JPG IMG_6734.JPGIMG_6733.JPGThere are some nice soft pockets, in the lid and either side of the body of the case for batteries, memory cards or even filters, but I particularly like the ‘holster’ element to this bag.

IMG_6735.JPG 2013-02-15 10.03.10.JPG 2013-02-15 10.03.20.JPG

This means it can be held relatively firm in place, at my side and still be easily accessed.  Because of this I’m thinking I will be able to use this case whilst on my motorbike.  Also, using this loop on the back, I’m hoping I may be able to find a way to strap the case to my petrol tank, making it easily accessed while riding.

The case can of course be used like any other camera bag, with the strap over your body or just shoulder.

2013-02-15 09.57.30.JPG 2013-02-15 09.57.50.JPG 2013-02-15 10.02.27.JPG

With the handle on top, you can even just carry it around at your side.

All in all, for only £22.99 I think the Case Logic SLR Camera Case Holster is a great buy.  For lightweight, casual DSLR use, this may well be the camera bag you need!

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