British International Motorshow

Me and a friend got tickets a few days back for this Motorshow at the ExCeL Centre in East London.  We headed down on the bike to check it out.  I was worried about parking, but it turned out they allowed bikes into the carparks for free, so no problems there.

On entering, the first thing to do was check my coat and get a bite to eat!  With that out of the way we headed round the exhibition.  What an amazing array of cars on show!  Everywhere you turned was another shiney, expensive, fast car to take a picture of.  A few of them you could climb in yourself.  I nearly got stuck in some little Honda S2000 sports car!

Once we’d been round everything inside, which took around 3 hours, we got a bite of chinese for lunch before heading out into the sunshine.  We had tickets for the Honda DreamScape… but the 11am show.  Luckily they let us in anyway.  It was a 40 minute long ‘display’ hosted by a couple of guys in suits, making jokes.  The first vehicles on show where there bikes, wheelies, stoppies and burnouts gallore!

Then came some cars and even some gymnasts!  They did a relay race, two teams of four cars, speeding down and back the little arena, spinning wheels and creating lots of smoke!  It was rather entertaining mind you.  We also got to see the Honda robot serving drinks and dancing!

All in all, a fun day.  I think I’ll look to get tickets for the Motorbike show at the beginning of December…

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