Taking The Mustang on Track

XSP_0270I’ve been on several track days (nine it would appear.  Wow, didn’t realise it was that many) on a motorbike, but never in a car.  I’d often thought, having come off the bike on my first track day at Brands Hatch, that I would have more confidence in a car and be able to push it further.

Me and some friends at work had been discussing a possible trip to the Nurburgring at some point in 2016, but had decided we should do a regular track day first, to see what driving on track is really like.  Around Christmas time track days for 2016 started populating on various websites.  We’d done a little research and had been recommended Javelin as a company to use.

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Realising the Dream

Me and the Mustang on Malibu beach againI’ve always loved the look of the American Muscle car, in particular the Ford Mustang.  I’ve never really known much about cars, I never knew much about Mustangs other than I loved the look and sound of them.

When we holidayed in California and I saw the chance of renting one, I jumped at it.  (I now know that was a V6, the smaller engine of the options)


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