Time to be Sensible Again

There is a very real likelihood that I will be made redundant in 2022. I’ll deal with the details of that in a different post, but it has got me looking at my finances in a different way. For example, my YouTube channel would live on phone I buy just because they look interesting and I want to play with them. That has stopped over the last few months.

I then looked at my current car. Much as I love the Mustang, an imported V8 is not a car I should be driving around when trying to be frugal!

A 2010 4.6L V8 Mustang is not particularly fuel efficient!

Whatever happens next year, one thing I know is I wont be working just 2 miles down the road. (You can afford 13mpg when you’re only doing 2,000 miles a year) There’s a good chance I could be commuting a reasonable distance with whatever job I take next and also, if I’m going to have some time off, I’d like to take the bike places and cycle in some different scenery. For this, I really need something nice and big that I can throw the bike into the back of.

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